Management Consulting

Management Consulting Services

Management consulting is a useful professional service offering that helps managers analyze and resolve practical problems their organizations face, improve the organization’s performance, learn from the experience of other managers and organizations, and exploit new business opportunities.

Hundreds of thousands of private companies and public organizations worldwide have used the services of management consultants, separately or in combination with training, project management, information technology consulting, financial advice, legal advice, auditing, engineering consulting and other professional services.

International Labor Organization

Since the early 1950s, the International Labor Organization (ILO) has been actively working on management and small business development and employment promotion. Management consulting and the promotion of effective consulting practices are quickly a powerful tool for our business as Optimal Audit.

Management Consultants

Many associations and institutes of management consultants recommend this book to their members as a basic reference document and study material. However, management consulting is a dynamic and rapidly changing industry related to professional services. To provide a useful and relevant piece of work for clients, consultants must closely monitor economic and social trends, anticipate changes that may affect their clients’ business, and provide advice to help clients achieve and maintain high performance in an increasingly complex, competitive and challenging environment. they have to be.

Technical Cooperation

Through technical cooperation projects, the ILO has assisted many member states in establishing local advisory services for various sectors of the economy and in developing management consultants and trainers. Currently, the ILO is a major user and developer of advisory services through a number of different programmes. Three copies of this book were published between 1976 and 1996 in response to urgent requests for the development of a comprehensive, practical guide to management consulting. Published in 12 different languages ​​(Chinese, Czech, French, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Romanian and Spanish) alongside the English original, this book has quickly become a fundamental reference work in management consulting and has been used by thousands of management consultants worldwide. It is used by the consultant, the trainer and the consultant client.

Knowledge-Based Economy

The knowledge-based economy leads to an increasing demand for consultants and creates new opportunities for consultants. Management consulting is affected by information and communication technologies, the internet, globalization, market liberalization, major shifts in geopolitics, the development of regional economic groupings, population changes, the advancement of education, changes in consumer tastes and behaviour, the changing roles of governments and the public sector, and countless other developments.