Company Establishment

Company Establishment Procedures in 2022

You can find the current company establishment procedures for 2022 and the roadmap related to establishing a company in a simple and plain explanation in our article below.

By following the proposal stages, which are important in this context, you will have information about how to establish a company step by step.

In addition, you will have information about the costs of company establishment, what can be done online in the digital world and the solutions.

For this reason, while doing all these, in the establishment of the company;

What to pay attention to
Which company type should be preferred,
Virtual office company establishment,
In addition to e-Commerce company establishment, you will have short but descriptive information on many subjects such as social media, website and patent transactions.


Company type selection and establishment planning:

First of all, the areas of trade that we will do should be determined. The answers to the question why I want to establish a company should be given clearly.

These questions, answers and determinations are of great importance in line with the development of the first stage on the way to becoming a prudent trader.

Clarify our choice to establish a limited company or a joint stock company through a company formation consultant.

Because it may be beneficial for you to decide to make a comparison of Limited company and Joint stock company in terms of benefit / cost and advantages.

Company Types

Incorporated company

The company’s capital is divided into shares.

The responsibility of the shareholders is limited to the capital shares they have committed.

The capital is paid by the shareholders.

Joint stock companies are established with at least one shareholder (real or legal person) and the minimum capital requirement is 50.000 TL.

The general assembly and the board of directors are the obligatory organs of joint stock companies.

Limited company

A limited liability company is established with at least one partner (real or legal person) and the responsibility of the partners is limited to the capital they have committed.

The minimum capital requirement is 10,000 TL.

Required Documents for Company Establishment

Other transactions will be done in the chamber of commerce.

Virtual office

Developing technology has brought speed and efficiency. This requires getting rid of the concerns of place and time.

Especially in the establishment phase or in single-employee company establishments, a company can be established by renting virtual offices.

In addition, the number of companies that continue their business life by renting virtual offices instead of renting a workplace is increasing day by day.

Company Establishment Cost

The main item of the company establishment cost is the Chamber of Commerce fees. Fees vary according to the nature and characteristics of the company. The lowest company establishment cost varies between 2,500 TL and 3,000 TL. In addition, accounting fees are paid for the establishment.

Multi-partner, high-capital, more than one manager and foreign partner etc. In such cases, these fees increase and the actual obligations should be consulted separately.

Other operations

When you decide to establish a company, transactions such as notary public, chamber of commerce, tax office, articles of association and book certification etc. are performed by accounting.

To sum up, we carry out transactions quickly, practically and reliably, without bogging you in the procedure.