What is a Virtual Office? , How to install?

Virtual Office

Virtual Office is part of the flexible workspace industry. It provides businesses with any service, space or technology combination without having a traditional office or carrying the capital costs of the lease. The concept is popular with every company, including freelance entrepreneurs.

Freelance employees, project-based employees, software developers, entrepreneurs, those who travel a lot for work, those who work on construction sites or production sites, those who do consultancy and supervision or home-office employees prefer Virtual Office.



Developing technology has brought speed and efficiency with it. This requires getting rid of place and time worries. Especially during the establishment phase or in single employee company establishments, companies can be established by renting Virtual Offices.

  • Company Establishment
  • Virtual Office Rental
  • Financial Consultant
  • Investment Consulting

Why is a Virtual Office Opened?

Companies decide to set up a virtual office because of the low installation and maintenance costs and the ability to choose any location or business centers with reputable addresses. The virtual office can be considered as the future of the company's correspondence and an address where it can be forwarded to customers or business partners as a point of contact.


Legal Status in E-Office

Although it was not widely accepted by the Tax Administration in the early days, the number of companies that continue their business life by renting Virtual Office instead of renting a normal workplace is increasing day by day.

Virtual Office Serviced Office Common Study Area
Legal Address Legal Address Legal Address
Secretary Service Secretary Service Secretary Service
Meeting Organization Meeting Organization Meeting Organization
Request an Offer Request an Offer Request an Offer


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